Tips to Moving to a smaller space with you soon to be spouse

Alice and Jenson moved to a smaller space in the city due to the professional lives soon after tying the knot. Making most of the space at hand is a task that can get very challenging.  With the limited space being an obvious limitation on one hand it is also a extreme challenge to mix styles of the couple masterfully on the other. Alice consulted with design experts Eadus to explore different design styles for their pad to redecorate and reinvent their living space in a style that they simply fell in love with. Designing a home space is individual to ones personality and finding what inspires you and your spouse is the perfect starting point.

Alice and Jenson agreed on opening up the space using light colors on the walls and on the floors, this gave the appearance of the room being much bigger and brighter.  A large mirror placed across the window in their living room allowed the bouncing of light which was entering the room to spread across the room. To add to this, the couple also are touches of shimmery metal lamps which was also intended to reflect the natural light in the environment.  In their dining area the apartment had several floating shelves installed instead of bulky chests or armories. This again led to room appearing to look less bulky and looking spacious. It was Jenson’s idea to make use of the corners that often get overlooked in many homes. The corners here were utilized by adding an accent chair in the bedroom and a corner bookshelf in the living room. The architecture of the living areas  have larger window sizes in comparison to the other parts of the house and this was well utilized with comfortable chairs and a table to kick back and relax. “We use this space the most to relax and entertain, the large windows do help in opening up the space.”, says Alice.

The spare bedroom appeared to be much smaller in area space, however, the space had curtains that blended with the colors on the walls that created the illusion of a single unbroken line giving the appearance of a large space. Cleverly done! The apartment’s furniture was more than the required bare essentials for a small space. The couple did scale down on the basic furniture such as the couches and dining furniture, but tactfully picked out pieces that suit smaller spaces that were narrower widths such a petite kitchen table. “We also opted for see-through acrylic and glass instead of solid wood.”, Jenson said. The apartment has plenty of concealed and open storage spaces where ever possible which helped in de-cluttering the space. Coffee tables had a shelf below, a few benches with bins underneath and also the ottoman that had a removable top to stash belongings.  Adding greenery to with potted plants added to the room feeling fresh and lighter. The drapes in the rooms were in designs of vertical stripes which is another form of space illusion to trick the eye in making the ceiling appear to be higher.… Read More

Wedding planning guide for the groom

Gone are the days when the groom would simply nod to his brides plans and tell her how beautiful she looks on the day of the wedding. The groom of today is expected to do so much more. We got together three experts to give you the lowdown on what you need to focus on for the big day, from proposing to your girlfriend to planning your honeymoon, so that you get everything right and manage to get the girl of your dreams.

Beginning with the proposal

Jesse Simons, an experienced proposal planner from Simons Events says that you get just one shot at the marriage proposal, so having everything planned right is better than being spontaneous about it. “Having no contingency plan is definitely not the right approach,” says Jesse. Plenty of things can go wrong, from bad weather to being stuck in traffic.

“The proposal should be more personal rather than being big and elaborate. You could turn your home into a romantic setting or even fly your lady down to an exotic location, as long as you keep it personal,” he adds.… Read More

Organized Bride: Tips and Advice

We have compiled some smart tips and advice on how you can stay ahead of planning your big day while avoiding duplication of efforts thus lowering your stress levels and keeping you organised. Begin your wedding planning as soon as you are engaged even if your wedding is a year from that time. Booking early wherever necessary and reserving vendors would give you a head start in the planning process while ensuring that you secure exactly what you need for your wedding from that desired photographer to the venue of your choice.

Of course there are a few things in the planning process that you can’t plan months or even years in advance, but planning early will save you a lot of time and reduce the efforts (and stress) needed at a later stage. Even if you are the kind of person who thinks things will just fall into place at the last minute, getting started on wedding planning early is hugely recommended. A good timeframe would be an 18-month period from the date of the wedding to comfortably plan everything in an organised manner. Here’s a list of the things that you need to get organised as early as possible.… Read More

Nail The ‘Thank You’ Note

The tedious task of writing thank you notes to your guests and family is the most dreaded. Just like taking of the Christmas tree would mean concluding a fun and frolic holiday and returning to reality, jotting down those ‘thank you’s’ could be a similar experience. After all, the thank you notes would probably be the last wedding-related activity you will have to do. Not that it is as fun or exciting as the cake tastings or selecting the dress, but the people that mean the most to you need to be thanked. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you write a better thank you note.

Build a list of anecdotes associated with the wedding and a short description of memories associated with the person you are thanking. Selecting the appropriate size thank you card is important as you’re looking to mention only a few lines. A larger card would appear to be empty and vice versa. Keep in mind to send out thank you cards no more than 90 days after the wedding; the sooner the better. Also get your spouse involved in penning down a few lines which will add a nice touch.

Making the note personal

A mention of a specific moment or memory relating to the person you are addressing would have so much meaning rather than a generic reply that states: thank you for your gift. If you received a gift from the person, it would be nice to add a few lines on how you plan to make use of it as well.… Read More

General Set Of Etiquette For Engagement Parties

It’s a new phase of life– you are engaged and having a party. Have unanswered questions on the general etiquette of putting together the celebration? Here are the answers to a few common questions surrounding the planning of an engagement party.

Is it necessary for a couple to have an engagement party?

It’s entirely optional for a couple to have a party for the engagement. If you’re planning a long engagement, it would be a good idea for your friends and family to meet and socialise before the big day arrives.

Does the couple or a family member host the engagement party?

Engagement parties are generally hosted by the members of the family or in some cases the couple itself. Gifts are usually not expected on this occasion, it is more of an announcement that the couple makes.

Are there any traditional rules or formalities that need to be kept in mind?

Most couples save the best for the wedding day as they do not want the engagement party to steal the occasion thunder. Hence, this celebration is much more relaxed and no major traditions or formalities need to be followed.

Who should I include in the guest list?

Not everyone that would be invited to the wedding needs to be invited for the engagement party. The parents of the couple, relatives and close friends would be a part of the guest list. The members of the wedding party also would be present.… Read More

Why Goa Is Gaining Popularity As a Beach Destination Location

Beach weddings are an ever popular location to tie the knot, traveling abroad to location for a destination wedding has its own special charm, and this tiny little state in the western part of India is a favourite of many to do so. Great weather, warm beaches and the sun excites many to visit here and some even decide to celebrate a special day in Goa.
The beaches are the most preferred locations out here and rightly so. Picture an evening, with the sun setting in the background along with the sounds of the Arabian and the seagulls passing by. The swaying palms and the warm weather in the cool evening breeze makes a picturesque setting to get married in. All in all many would tell you that it isn’t as big of an expense planning a wedding here.

“The best time to plan a wedding here is during the months of November and December”, says Traci Allen, of  WW, Events, in Goa. You should start with blocking the rooms for your guests first as tourists pack-in quickly during this time and you might have difficulties.… Read More

Looking At Ditching The Traditional White Dress?

Although the traditional bride has been associated with a dreamy white dress to walk down the aisle, colours have been making a splash with the brides of today. Looking at a dress that is beyond the whites is certainly less traditional, but definitely glamorous. Plus, there are so many options to choose from, from patches of colour to a simple coloured sash to completely coloured pieces. Each bride is different from the rest and if you’re one of those who always fantasised about a dress that was beyond white here is a guide that will help.

The amount of colour in the dress would really depend on how much you’re willing to commit. If you’re just about experimenting on the colour options, the amount of colour to plan to have in the dress could begin with a coloured petticoat or some tulle in a different tone beneath the outer layer of your white dress. This gives you the option of blending the whites with the colour of your choice.… Read More

Fun Rehearsal Dinner Ideas You Can Explore

If you’re looking to ditch the traditional route of organising a rehearsal dinner at a restaurant and go with something of a bit of a twist, here’s a list of ideas that will entertain your guests and guarantee a good time.

Picnic at the state park

An outing on a summer day at a local park with servings of sandwiches and baskets and a few easy party games in the lawn is sure to keep everyone entertained and in a light mood. Alternatively, you can also hire out a tent to setup or look for an area in the park where you can have a small campfire going.… Read More

Wedding advice from real-life brides

No matter how many blogs you read, there’s nothing like real-life advice. We’ve interacted with plenty of brides over the years and gathered some of the best unsolicited advice that you could benefit from.

Pay close attention to what’s important to you

“Discuss with your partner well in advance what the two of you feel are the most important things for the wedding that you are not willing to compromise on.” Says Nicole from Devon. “This gives you a clear picture of what is really important to the two of you and also keeps room for what your family wants as well.”… Read More

Hollywood Wedding of Nahal & Amit

This wedding had every bit of sophistication in class to it. Everything was well planned to every detail.


 … Read More

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